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 At Maublé we present to you a line of products that define luxury, elegance & are a statement of your taste.


Established in 2015, Maublé has become an epitome of luxury lifestyle. With a collection of carefully curated timeless & elegant designs we offer you with imaginative and fine luxury contemporary furniture pieces sourced from around the globe that reflect elegance & tastefulness.


At Maublé we try to ensure that our buyers have an experience that can elevate the impact furniture can have on their lifestyle.


With a strong dedication to making our brand the most desirable contemporary luxury furniture brand, we want ensure that at Maublé you will always have an assortment of products that have been designed to delight and excite the senses.


Adrienne Rich, a famous poet from the 20th century put across the importance of furniture. ‘The most influential part of your home is the furniture and home appliances that introduce you to the world. They speak louder than you when it comes to representing your esteem.’


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